More Great Bass-Slapping Techniques

January 21, 2012

This is a fantastic display of bass showmanship and technical ability. Note how Li’nard starts off by playing the bass as if it is a lead guitar (similar to the playing style first attributed to John Entwistle of the Who), then proceeds to some envious bass-slapping syncopation.

As one YouTube commenter says, “so many great musicians out there… reminds me of how bad the radio sucks these days”.

I find myself agreeing with this sentiment every single day. Turn on the radio or television nowadays, and all you’ll hear is over-produced, sterile, saccharine-sweet garbage that has been written by a focus group and performed by a set of algorithms. On the one hand, it makes me sad that real musicians struggle to make a living from their recordings or by touring.

On the other hand, maybe that’s what I like this stuff so much – because of the underground nature of it, and the fact you’d never hear Li’nard when randomly switching the radio on (or John Entwistle, for that matter).

No two ways about it, this movement of great and talented musicianship will come and go in cycles, but will never disappear completely. Which is more than you can say for autotuning Lada Gaga and Katy Perry.

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